1. On-Site Health Solutions strives towards the prevention of illness through early detection using health screenings.

2. Promotion of wellness through education.

3. Lastly, our goal is to encourage behavior change through the use of health engagements.

In some ways, Americans today are healthier than they were in 1990, when the United Health Foundation first published America’s Health Rankings, an annual state-by-state assessment of our nation’s health. Cardiovascualr and cancer deaths are down, and the smoking rate has decreased 36%. Plus, life expectancy is at an all-time high—78.7 years. “But although we’re living longer, we’re also living sicker, with preventable illness at an alarming level,” says Reed Tuckson, MD, external senior medical advisor to United Health Foundation. The number-one reason: Obesity. “Since 1990, the obesity rate went from 11.6% to 29.4%, a 153% increase,” Dr. Tuckson says. In the last year alone, it rose 7%. Physical inactivity is also at a new high: 23.5% of Americans do not exercise at all.


Our core values are built on inspiring clients, individuals and team members to inspire personal growth and change behaviors.  We truly believe Health is Wealth.


OHS is responsible for our actions that influence the lives of our clients
and fellow workers.

•  We own and immediately resolve client problems with professionalism.


OHS is committed to teamwork where all associates are valued team members and treated with respect, encouraged to contribute and recognized for their efforts.

•  We create a work environment of teamwork that meets the needs of the client and team member.


OHS values our partners and we are committed to the highest
level of integrity in all aspects of our services.

•  We protect the privacy of our clients, fellow team members
and the company’s confidential assets.


OHS delivers services based on what we believe and know to be true.
Our focus is on saving lives every day by changing behaviors.

•  We seek opportunities to innovate with technology and improve
the OHS experience with the client.