Custom designed scorecard allows you the flexibility to build a reward system based on clinical standards and or % improvement from previous year.  No need to track or monitor as we do all the work.


Employees can take advantage of personalized Health Coaching, one on one sessions with a Registered Dietician or other health seminars to proactively manage their health.


Online quizzes and challenges allow employees to put their health knowledge into action, gaining motivation and sense of achievement along the way.


Get Employees involved in healthy local community events. Volunteering, donating blood or fundraising to increase overall wellbeing.


Help employees make annual preventative care like flu shots, physical, dental and vision exams routine.

On-Site Health Solutions is an in-network provider with many health insurance carriers.  By utilizing preventive codes for annual preventive exams ,we pass the cost of the on-site wellness program to the insurance carriers.

OHS administers the wellness program with the health assessment and biometrics.

MD and/or NP’s provide one on one consultation at the worksite.

Great way to maximize your current benefit plan. We know less than 25 % of plan members get an annual exam that is covered at 100% for non grand-fathered plans.

This program is designed for fully insured groups in IN and KY but can be set up in any state.

If you would like to join our network please contact OHS.

“I had my wellness review today and it helped me understand my risks”