When I moved to Louisville this year and started my “adult” life I knew I would be wanting to cook in my new apartment. I bought all the cooking supplies I thought I needed, but then I ran into the issue of not knowing what to make. The next time I went to my Grandmother’s house I told her about my problem and she gave me a homemade cookbook that she had created over the years. I was so excited to get home and try recipes and although there were some tasty options there were zero healthy meals.  I keep this cookbook for special occasions, but I have found some great websites online and developed tips on how to find healthy recipes.

On https://www.choosemyplate.gov there are many healthy options and the ability to track nutrition information on common meals and ingredients. This “SuperTracker” can help explain portion control and can help you find healthier alternatives for some ingredients.


http://allrecipes.com/ is a website with hundreds of recipes. The key in searching for a meal is to check the nutrition facts listed below each recipe. In most websites such as this one there is a “Healthy” tab and you can search your requirements.

Here are a few tips when looking up recipes online:

·         Remember to look for whole foods and ways to keep fruits and vegetables into the most natural state while still adding some flavor if desired.

·         Try not to overload food with salt and instead adding small amounts of stronger spices.

·         Always look for grilled or baked options and avoid fried foods.

·         Try and avoid adding sugar to recipes and look for foods with high fiber content.

Hopefully these tips will also help you when trying to come up with new and healthy cooking options!