Happy Building and Happy Growing!

By: Emma Wood and Lauren Ledford

This summer are you looking to “spiff” up your backyard? Building a greenhouse can be a great addition to your outside décor while also serving a useful purpose! Growing your own foods, herbs, and flowers can give you and your family multiple benefits. Growing food can provide a cheaper way to have the organic foods that you would pay top dollar for at the grocery store. Learning how to grow can be a fun experience for your whole family and be a hands-on way to develop a greater appreciation for our food and the work that it takes to have food on your table. A greenhouse in your backyard can be a beautiful and practical way to enjoy nature, reduce food travel time, and improve the quality of your produce. Check out these fun pictures and websites below on how to build your own greenhouse and grow what you want.

We have provided many different examples from the simplest of greenhouses to the more advanced projects!


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Vegetables: growing in your greenhouse- Click on the link below to learn more about what to grow in your greenhouse and how to be successful during each season!