My Wellcheck Profile is a comprehensive wellness software program designed to track and report wellness program compliance.


We believe our “toolbox” is filled with the latest technology and readiness to change behavior models.


An integral part of our system and your employees start to a healthier lifestyle lies within the GetMoving program.

Recent News

How can you find healthy recipes?

When I moved to Louisville this year and started my “adult” life I knew I would be wanting to cook in my new apartment. I bought all the cooking supplies I thought I needed, but then I ran into the issue of not knowing what to make. The next time I went to my... read more

Drinking and Driving?

Drinking and Driving? We know that drinking under the influence of alcohol is a problem in our country. There are many organizations and initiatives to help our teenagers and adults to understand the severity of this issue, but has this problem continued to increase... read more

Maintain- No Gain!

Maintain- No Gain! We are entering a wonderful time of the year! Many of us are excited for great Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and sitting around the fire drinking hot coco. While enjoying family time and special food treats is part of this holiday season it is... read more

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